The Pressgang Film Crew can create the perfect PR for any event, especially parties & VIP type events & openings.

Our two most popular styles are:

Hollywood/awards - 1940’s glitzy style, which is very well received & always considered ‘jolly good fun’ for all.

Then we have the modern style, which has several connotations; it creates the impression of an ‘A-List’ celebrity party event, to the guests arriving, as well as people passing on the street & can be superb PR for the venue.

We have found that the best combination for both film crew’s, is to also include one or two paparazzi, so it seems like the whole media are after the celeb’s.

We set-up television lighting where possible, which adds to the ‘spot-light’ effect of this performance & our crew can be as loud or polite as your event requires.


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